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I <3 carbs.

Yeah, I’m a healthy eater. Yeah, I’m a lover of fresh veggies, cooked veggies, stewed veggies, grilled veggies, and… yeah, pretty much every different way of cooking vegetables.

However, I also love my pastas, my breads, my crackers, and my dairy products: carbs, and this week has been my week of carb-eating. I’ve been loving bagels and crackers and chips and French fries…. what??? 🙂 (In case I have anyone still thinking that Ashley + weird cravings = pregnant, I’m not pregnant…)

There’s this thing about eating carbs that most health-food eaters or people trying to lose weight seem to lose track of. Carbs are not bad for you.  *Gasp*

I know. I’m so not traditional. However, there are a few kinds of carbs. The key to enjoying carbs is knowing what kind of carbs are good for you and what kind easily and quickly converts to sugars.

Foods made with ingredients such as bran, whole wheat, oats, wheat germ, buckwheat, cornmeal are complex carbs.  Some foods made with these products include these commonly consumed foods:
Pasta and breads (not made with white flour)
brown rice
root veggies

Simple carbs, however, are easily converted into sugars.  They create a spike in blood sugar, pass through the system quickly, and leaves the eater hungry sooner than complex carbs.

Some simple carbs include fruit; while fruit is a good, it floods the bloodstream with sugar rush. Other simple carbs include:

white potatoes
white flour
ice cream

Not only are most of the items on the simple complex high in sugar, but they also don’t offer much in nutritional value for the body.

So, think about that when you’re eating those carbs we love. What kind of carbs are you choosing? Those that will spike your sugar levels and make you crash ….or…. those that will keep you full for a long time and offer you nutritional value as well?

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