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Product Reviews: Kinnikinnick Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

Adam loves pizza. So do I. However, sometimes, like this past Sunday, when I enjoyed sleeping in later than 5:25am, I didn’t have a a chance to prep our roast in the crockpot or even take something from the freezer. So, after church, we headed home for an unplanned lunch with Aaron (my brother-in-law) and Chad (our neighbor/friend/adopted brother).  Life-saver and constant stomach pleaser: pizza.

Help! I don’t have any pizza crust made!  What now?  It was time to try out the gluten-free Kinnikinnick pizza crust sitting in my freezer.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Nut-Free, Potato-Free


Pros: I’m learning something about pizza crust-making by reviewing products…. holes in the top of the crust (which I used to think was weird and “so not Italian”) helps for air flow, dough rising, and thorough cooking.

Kinnikinnick knew that trick. 🙂 Not only that, but they covered the bottom of the pizza crust with cornmeal to prevent the crust sticking to the pan. Impressive preparation. 🙂 They thought of everything!

Cons: I wasn’t impressed with the appearance of the crust at first, because the pizza crust was square (boring?) and a small, 7 inches. Of course, with Adam, that means that he eats two of the personal pizza crusts for one meal.


Pros: I was super-pleased with the taste of these pizza crusts. I was so unsure how they would taste, since they reminded me of Saltine cracker in appearance. They were actually quite tasty actually.

Cons: Unfortunately, I found the crust a little too sweet to my liking. Adam didn’t complain, but I thought to mention that if you don’t like sweet crust, avoid this.


Pros: I was really, really impressed with the bendability of this pizza crust. It was light and airy in a way that was very unlike most gluten-free pizza crusts, as the dough had actually risen to have a very airy center.

Cons: The biggest texture downfall with this product is the abundance of cornmeal on the bottom. It gets all over your hands and can be pretty gritty.

That definitely wouldn’t keep me from buying these though!

What I Love

I love that these are bendable. I love that these are airy. I love that these could be versatile enough to be used as the crust for a pizza, of course, but also some other sort of open-faced sandwich/meal/etc. Of course, I’ve not tried that, but I’d be willing to bet these would work for other delectable meals as well. 🙂

What I’d Improve

My biggest complain, as always (hehe 🙂 ), is the size of these crusts. I’d like to see more of these in a larger size.


Overall Rating: A


Buy these handy and tasty pizza crusts here!

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