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Product Reviews: Kozyshack Pudding

Adam has a major sweet tooth. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but just in case you’ve not caught on to the recipes I’ve posted of cookies, cakes, pies, and more that Adam loves daily, let me state this again: Adam loves sweets.

However, sometimes, he likes something other than a piece of pie or a cookie (or four). Kozyshack pudding is a great, quick sweet for Adam’s mid-morning break.

Allergy-Related Information:  Gluten-Free


Pros: These wonderful, 6-oz. puddings are wonderfully packaged for a school lunch, a work pail, or simply a perfect portion for managing one’s intake of sweets (Of course, this is not the reason Adam loves them…he simply has two ;).)

Cons: Zero complaints here! 🙂


Pros: When my father-in-law called me and said, “Hello, my favorite daughter-in-law, (…I’m his only daughter-in-law)…” I knew he was creatively asking for one of the samples I had stored in his company office refrigerator.  He was very excited, as was Adam, and they both have boasted to me of the flavor!

Cons: Adam always tops his pudding with whipped cream. I would possibly suggest the company offer this as an addition to the pudding packs. 🙂


Pros: The pudding is just as it should be: sweet and smooth! 🙂

Cons: Both Dad and Adam complained there weren’t enough tapioca balls in the tapioca pudding. Bummer.

What I Love

I love that Kozyshack is a sweet that got my husband and father-in-law excited. They can’t have a number of puddings because of the gluten-content, so it’s wonderful to have something handy that I know they both can eat as well as really enjoy.

My favorite? They even offer 100-calorie puddings!! Whoohoo! Enjoy your sweets and stick to a healthy diet!

What I’d Improve

I’d definitely improve the tapioca pudding by increasing the tapioca ball content.  Other than that, great job, Kozyshack!


Overall Rating: A


Buy these handy, gluten-free sweets here!

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