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Product Reviews: Enjoy Life Snickerdoodles

I was never a fan of snickerdoodles. Of course, you’re talking about the kid who never really ate her Easter candy, but of all the sweets I would possibly have had a bite of, snickerdoodles were never one of them.

Recently, I found a snickerdoodle that just might change my opinion of this.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, Peanut-Free, Egg-Free, Soy-Free


Pros: I can’t say these are overly impressive in appearance, but are any snicker doodle? These are cinnamon-topped, perfectly sized for a quick, low-calorie sweet punch and all-natural to boot!

Cons: My only con here is also something I love about them (why am I always in this quandry??) I love that these are tiny, because they help with portion control with someone trying to watch their waist-size. However, with my husband who never thinks like that nor needs to, he could eat five or six of these in one bite.


Pros: Wow…  These are better tasting than any gluten-filled (ie. traditional) snickerdoodles. They’re rich in cinnamon throughout, sweetened with natural sugars (including fruit juice concentrates), and topped with cinnamon sugar crystals!

Cons: I have zero cons here!


Pros: I was super-impressed with the way these cookies stay soft, bendable, and moist…even after a long time. Adam first opened this package I’m reviewing more than a month ago, leaving me a few cookies to review and, of course, giving me his personal review after eating most of the box. 😉 The remaining cookies have simply been in a ziploc bag, and still! they’re moist, bendy, and wonderful!

Cons: The cookies are ever so slightly grainy.

What I Love

These cookies are sweet enough to satisfy a sugar-craving but are not overpowering in any of the flavors. They’re a wonderful balance of flavors, and they’re moist and excellent in texture.

What I’d Improve

I would definitely improve the package sizes as well as the individual cookie size.


Overall Rating: A


Buy these allergy-free but SO tasty cookies here!

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