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T-2 Days and Holding

I have ulcerative colitis. We’ve talked to this before (You can read more details here.) This post is not really about that though. This post is a countdown to something my sister-in-law Mandy and I are about to start something that will be one of the most-challenging tests of self-control for me in all of life. We’re doing a 40-day clear-liquid fast, starting this Monday (April 25th) and ending on Friday (June 3rd).

*deep breath*…*sigh*….*screams*

I have to be 100% honest with you that I’m petrified. I’ve done a variety of things in my life, but this will be one of the greatest tests of my life.

Why am I doing this?  I have ulcerative colitis, and my system has been bleeding almost constantly for the last 2.5 years.  I need a break.  How can I let myself heal internally if I don’t stop putting food through it?

So, what does this clear-liquid diet involve? For 40 days, I’ll be  drink liquid I can see through.  This includes water, tea, sports drinks, fruit juices, broth, light-colored sodas, etc.  This does not allow me to have veggie/tomato juice, dark sodas, coffee, and anything that would get my stomach processing foods.

Don’t worry; I won’t be starving myself. I can have calories, I can have salt, I can have sugars.  I will be keeping tabs on my weight, keep track of my calories/nutrition, visiting the doctor a few times, and staying accountable to Mandy.

I’ll be blogging throughout the whole process as I struggle through it, so please use my blog posts as reminders to pray me through this time.




2 thoughts on “T-2 Days and Holding”

  1. What about protein? And fats? Our bodies are made of these, we need them. I’d go big on the broths – they are excellent for healing the digestive tract. Have you read the book, “The Maker’s Diet” by Jordan Rubin? Excellent resource for anyone dealing with digestive issues – he had Crohn’s disease, Chronic candidiasis, and many other issues and regained his health through a whole foods diet that allowed his intestines to heal. Plus, he is a believer.
    I hope your fast goes well!

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