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Not by Bread Alone: Day 2/40 (Pt.1)


I’m home, it’s my day off, and I’m hungry. 🙂 To be honest, though, it’s not been half as bad as anticipated. God is incredibly good.

I’m sipping on some mango peach tea, chilling in comfy clothes in my tiny little cabin with the windows and door open so that I can enjoy the beautiful weather.  I hear it’s supposed to rain later, but that’s wonderful too. There was a crazy storm last night with ridiculously bright lightning, so Adam and I turned off the lights in the house to better enjoy the God-designed light show. Glorious!

So, it’s day 2. I’ve now not eaten for over 30 hours.  I’m doing well, my stomach feels amazing, and my head feels clear and focused.  I thought I would be feeling weaker by this point, but I guess I’ve pretty much just relaxed today (hmm…how is cleaning relaxing?), as it’s my day off.

Not eating has thrown me into quite the cleaning frenzy. My kitchen is clean (including my stove, Aaron), my floors have been swept, and although my dining room/livingroom/kitchen table is still unorganized, I’m about to tackle some triple treat cookies for Adam before he comes home for lunch and I head out to run some errands.

I’m actually surprised how much I still want to cook while I’m not allowed to eat anything. Maybe this will diminish as the 40 days proceed, but until then, I’m not going to let my lack of ability to enjoy great recipes keep me from serving my husband.

For dinner tonight, it’s chicken cordon bleu with a side of salad and roasted garlic and olive oil gluten-free couscous. 🙂

I spent some wonderful time in the Word this morning, as I relaxed in bed. I’m reading through Ezekiel, and I’m comforted by the “crazy” things Ezekiel did in obedience to the Lord. His faith is encouraging, and I’m excited that God’s timing has allowed me to be reading there as I’m taking my own journey of faith.

Adam’s been wonderful even these first few hours of my commitment. He asked me last night if eating ice cream in front of me would bother me. He keeps asking me how I’m feeling and encouraged me to remember how relaxed my stomach/intestines feel when the times get hard in the future days. I love that the Lord has given me such a Godly and encouraging leader and friend during this time.

Off to do some baking and more cleaning.

Just think. I’m 5% there. 🙂

1 thought on “Not by Bread Alone: Day 2/40 (Pt.1)”

  1. I do my most elaborate cooking when I fast, so I laughed a little (in sympathy) when I saw your dinner menu. Hang in there. I find that God reveals and provides when I fast. Praying the same for you. 🙂

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