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Not by Bread Alone: Day 2/40 (Pt. 2)

9:07 pm


Sigh.. I’ve made it through the day. Honestly, I don’t feel so bad. However, in saying that, I’m a little timid for what lies ahead. God is extremely gracious, but I do fully expect this to get worse harder.

Today went really well. I made coconut cookies for Adam this morning, served him a lunch of honey-baked chicken and potato skins, and spent the afternoon running errands around town. I managed to drink a ridiculous amount of liquids (I’m over 100 oz.) and visited the bathroom in almost all the stores I visited. It was crazy! lol

My stomach feels flatter, and my intestines have been “quiet” (for a lack of a better term). It’s a nice break already from 2.5 years of having an irritated system.  Remind me of this mid-May…

I’ve lost a pound already. I’m gonna have to keep track of this…something might have to change if I continue at this rate. I should be fine… I think my metabolism will slow down/go dormant after a while.  (Just a guess; no research done)

Bacon-wrapped cheese...does it get any better?

Today’s cravings: bacon and cheese…

I have a slight headache right now, and I’m pretty tired (more than I should be for the time of night it is.) However, I’m not sure if my headache is from the lack of fuel in me or from my eyes.  My contacts have been suddenly bothering me for the last few weeks, and my eyes are all blood-shot.

2 thoughts on “Not by Bread Alone: Day 2/40 (Pt. 2)”

  1. I’ve been having headaches and feeling really tired a lot myself – and my eyes have been feeling really weird – and I think it’s just from fighting something off.

    I was worried about how much weight you’d lose, too.

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