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Not by Bread Alone: Day 4/40

Exhausted – the word for this morning.

Starving – the word for this afternoon.

Doing well – where I am right now.

Day 4 was way harder than any of the previous days to this point.  I guess I should have expected that. My body feels great except for being exhausted and weak…. how can I call that great? Try having an upset stomach for the last 2 years.  In contrast, my stomach feels at rest. It’s wonderful.

Yes, I’m choosing to focus on that right now. I’m hungry, I’m tired, and I’ve alot to do the rest of the day… or do I? I have dishes to do, organizing to do, and dinner to make for a loving, patient, and hardworking husband.  What have I to complain about? Nothing really. 🙂

Thanks for your prayers today. I knew you were praying for me. I faced the hardest times as of yet today, but there were most-definitely moments when I knew without a shadow of doubt that someone was on their knees for me.

My to-do list is calling, as is my stomach. 🙂 Today, more than anything else, I’m craving a Wegmans sub. Mmm… Danny’s favorite is awesome. However, my favorite all-time sub of theirs is the buffalo chicken finger sub… It’s so wonderful. Sigh…. I’m 10% there. I can do this!

Dinner tonight (for Adam, of course): breaded shrimp, mozzarella sticks, and a salad

Have a great evening, everyone!

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