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Not by Bread Alone: Day 6/40

I am incredibly grateful that today was another wonderful day on this journey. Getting sick of hearing me say that? Me too. lol

I took a trip to the grocery store and found mangos on sale at Aldis for 69¢, and to Weiss, where I saw every snack, meal accessory, and lunch idea I could imagine. I am normally comforted by the interaction with food, but I did feel a little frustrated that I was unable to have any of it.

I’ve found myself quiet this afternoon, and I wonder if it’s because I’m not as hydrated as I should be. This morning was crazy at work, so I have only been able to drink about 72 oz so far. Is that dehydrated? Not in most cases, but for me, that means I’m not drinking as much as I ought, and I’ve taken in very little nutrition for the day.

I’m not taking in many calories during the day as one might think. I’ve really not drank much juice, and any sort of sweet drinks (Powerade, etc) that I’ve had, I’ve found myself needing to water down to atleast a 50/50 ration of water-to-drink. About 2 days ago, I had a glass of cranberry juice, and today (since Aldis had it on sale 🙂 ), I had about 8 oz. of a Bolthouse juice that reminds me so much of the Naked juice I used to have in CA at Master’s. It’s amazing, but I don’t want a sugar rush, so I’m not having much.

My stomach is making amazing noises. lol Some of you might find that disturbing, but Adam and I just laugh.  I’m 15% of the way there, so of course my stomach is going to be growling at me! Tomorrow will be a week since I’ve taken anything of true substance into my body!

Adam, Aaron, Chad, Brennan, and I are all hanging out tonight at Chad’s tonight, and we’re “hosting” a barbecue. I’ve got ribs slow-cooking in my oven right now, drenched in a homemade barbecue sauce I just made… without taste-testing it. Cooking tonight is kind of reminding me of a Hell’s Kitchen episode or something. Do I have the ability to judge the taste of something just by smell and not by taste? I mixed it all up, had Adam taste it, and altered it as he desired (which wasn’t much). Overall, I’m very pleased and have faith that it’s gonna be good…without even one touch to my tongue. Torture. lol It’s fun, though. to continue to have hang-outs and to serve my guys (Adam, of course, being my ultimate guy 😉 ) some great food.

Pray for me as I continue; and of course, thank you for the prayers you’ve already offered on my behalf. Please also keep Mandy in your prayers, as her body seems to be having a harder time.

Today’s craving: wasabi and sushi in general…mmmmmm

Talk to you tomorrow!

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