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Not by Bread Alone: Day 9/40

Happy Tuesday, Everyone! I’m sitting with my feet up on my comfy chair with lemon tea steeping beside me.

Today has been so much smoother than yesterday. Thank you again for your prayers. I “slept in” this morning (’til 6:30), spent some time in the Word, and have had a productive but relaxing day.

God has been incredibly gracious to give me a more servant-mindedness about my food-related thoughts today. Last night, I made a strawberry cake from scratch for Adam, and he devoured it, asking me to make him another one today (!!! lol). As my heart soared at his enjoyment of my culinary experiment, I was reminded of how much joy I have watching him enjoy my food. It’s not that I’ve forgotten that intentionally, but the clear reminder last night has inspired me to take the food-related thoughts that God has blessed me with and turn them from being self-centered to being service-oriented.

That being said, dinner tonight is shrimp-stuffed flounder with a side salad.  I will enjoy my love of cooking and food during this time of personal fasting by putting that energy into personally pursuing Christ and serving my husband (and others) more effectively.

Today’s cravings definitely include Indian food, tortilla chips, rice, and fried chicken. 🙂

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