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Not by Bread Alone: Day 13/40

Chinese food.

Peanut butter.


Chicken curry.

Buffalo Wild Wings.


A cheddar/everything/salt bagel with garden vegetable/lox cream cheese.

French fries from Pitkins in the Adirondacks.

Sigh…these are all the foods I’m craving right now. I have to be honest. I’m so sick of juices and sweet, flavored waters and gum. I just want to eat something like a real person….. lol

I’m a third of the way there today, and I’m reminded of a few things:

  • I still have 27 days to go. (Waaaah!)
  • Tomorrow is 2 weeks of this insanity (lol)
  • My stomach feels amazing, but my energy level is a little lower than desired. (I can manage…)
  • I still need some major heart transformations. (Sigh..)

The majority of these facts could be ascertained by anyone watching/following my trek here. The latter, however, is a constant reminder of my need for the Lord.

Jason, my coworker, told me today he didn’t know how I was doing this. I replied: “Neither do I.” However, I was immediately convicted that I do know how I’m persevering through this trial/test. The Lord is giving me strength, and you are praying for me.

I’ve noted a few other things about myself. This journey is revealing some strong feelings I have in certain areas. (Yes, I’m being vague for a reason.) It’s amazing how the flesh tries to flare up when I am at my weakest. I found myself with some pretty negative thoughts today towards a certain group of people, and I was/am really convicted that I need to guard against self-righteousness, against bitterness, and against failing to love others whom I’m tempted to stereotype.  The thought life of a person is so private, so unknown, that often, it is pushed aside and not dealt with. After all, no one else knows. However, God knows, I know, and that is enough. Heart issues, thought patterns, and sinful tendencies all need to be “renewed by the Word” (Romans 12:2) just like any other life-pervading sin.

Pray for me, as I ask the Lord to cleanse my mind as well as my body.

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