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Not by Bread Alone: Day 14/40

It’s 2 weeks in. *sigh*… let’s not talk about food.  I’m craving anything and everything, I’m sick of juice and drinking, and I’m just ready to be done.


lol…ok, how did that work for a pity-party? I’m physically tired today and although earlier the wonderful dinner we had at Mom and Dad Bowman’s was not that hard to resist — thank God — I’m dying now wanting food. Isn’t 2 weeks long enough??

I’m quiet today as well, as I am pressing on, praying for strength, and relaxing with family. 35% there.

I won’t list all my cravings right now ’cause that would be whole post in and of itself. Chicken wings are my major desire.

1 thought on “Not by Bread Alone: Day 14/40”

  1. Hello Ashley,
    I have been following you on here for a while now. I wanted to tell you that we just drove past your sweet little house on Sat. We go to the Polaris Dealer up past your house now and then. Sat was the first time we accually saw your house. We look for it every time we drive by and we finally saw it this time. It is sooo cute!
    Just wanted to say hello! I know that you can get thru these 40 days! I hope that you grow even closes to Jesus!!!!
    Love ya girl!

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