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Not by Bread Alone: Day 15/40

Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman. It’s a beautiful afternoon, isn’t it?

Aaron and the bear

So, here’s a little update from last night. After I posted, Adam and I headed home ’cause I needed a serious nap. I was exhausted physically and emotionally, so after some convincing (I hate sleeping life away), I lay down for the night.

Adam spent some guy time with Aaron at a huge, 30ft bonfire. Following that, they had a fire call for a car vs. bear. Yes, you read that correctly. Some lady had hit a 400-lb black bear which was trying to cross the highway. The sheriff had to kill the injured bear, so Aaron was able to take it home. How cool is that?!

After a restful sleep last night, I was ready for a new day… for a few hours. Then, I was lightheaded, dizzy, and nauseated for a good portion of the morning, even after some wonderful Bolthouse juice. Uh oh… not good.

This unsteadiness continued, and on top of this, my mind felt scattered, and I was hungry. No, I’m not talking about mentally hungry. I’m talking about stomach-is-distracting-me hungry. Mentally, I felt strong. I was praying. I was ready to go through my day. However, my body was dragging, and I wasn’t feeling so hot.

Thankfully, I was finished with work at 2pm, came home to tutor Mikayla in math, and now, I’m relaxing (smelling creamy chicken enchiladas) watching Chopped, and waiting for my fireman to come home from a car fire.

I still feel slightly out-of-it, as my mind has tired more and I’m not feeling like I want to do more than just vegetate. Ugh..I don’t like this.

So, I need your prayers. My father-in-law counseled me to start working things into my diet. I need the strength for my busy schedule at work (I’m acting manager next week while my boss is on vacation) and for our move into our new home this week.  As a whole, it’s really unhealthy to be dizzy, nauseated, and lightheaded all day.  Mandy (my sister-in-law) also recommended cutting this short (She did a 40-day fast 2 years ago), and she was concerned with the way I was feeling today as well.

Adam and I discussed this, and this is our thought: I’m going to stick it out today, go to bed early again tonight, and if I have another hard day tomorrow like I did today, I’m going to have to make some changes. I can’t afford to pass out or get hurt or damage my body — that would defeat the whole purpose. I need to be healthy.

Pray for my heart in this please. Of course, part of me wants to keep going and not “quit” on this. Another part of me is dying to eat something and feel “normal” again. I need the right heart in whatever decision we make, whether it be to stick it out or start easing some normal foods into my diet. If I do have to do the latter, I’m going to start super-slow in order to determine exactly what irritates me, what I can handle, and what is the healthiest for my system.

Today’s cravings were ridiculous, because my stomach was experiencing some deep hunger… I don’t want to call them pains ’cause they weren’t painful, but I felt a deep half-nauseaus not-quite-ache that kept me distracted.

As I mentioned earlier, I made creamy chicken enchiladas for Adam tonight, and they are definitely my craving. Yum yum! Seafood enchiladas also sound AMAZING actually. Chi-Chi’s used to have them, and they were to die for!

1 thought on “Not by Bread Alone: Day 15/40”

  1. I’ve been praying that you’d have wisdom to know how long to keep up the fast . . . you’re right, you need to stay healthy.

    I’ve never done anything even close to what you are doing, but I remember how bad it felt when I was light-headed and nauseas when I had the flu. 😦 Ugh, I hate light-headedness.

    So yes, I will keep praying, and I hope you are able to figure out what foods agree with you . . . I hope you end up feeling a lot better!

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