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History in My Home

I’m sitting in the Chenango Fire station #2 with NCIS playing on the lounge tv as I write. I’m relaxing for a bit before heading to the workout room to do a little running. It’s been a while since I ran last, but starting June 6th, Adam and I are officially training (and needing to stay dedicated to it too!) for our half-marathon this September. 🙂 I’m excited!

Being without internet for the last week and a half has been a nice yet strange phenomenon. I can’t say I’ve missed it too much. I do like listening/watching tv shows while I clean/cook/organize, etc, but even then, I’ve enjoyed listening to my authentic 1950s record player instead.

Record player??  Yes! About a week ago, Adam and I moved from our cozy cabin to a wonderful home with over 2000 sq.ft. of living space, 4 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, a living room, a huge kitchen, a formal dining room, and office.  The attic if full of all sorts of treasures Adam’s grandparents own – treasures ranging from the Motorola Stereophonic record player to a slide projector to a sewing machine/desk to newspapers recording JFK’s assassination and the end of World War II. How cool is that?!

Work is going well. I’m acting manager this week at Tim’s. So far so good. 🙂 I have a great team who are hard workers and overall, too much fun. 🙂  We sing “Akuna Matata” and the Scooby Doo theme song and talk over our headsets all day long. I’ve walked away with cauliflower ear more than one day of the week.  I’ve definitely learned that packing lunch and healthy snacks is the key to working in a bakery…. that brings me to my update on my health and my liquid diet.

I’m eating solid foods again, and my system is doing so well! I praise the Lord as I have enjoyed raw veggies and my system is handling them well! In fact, I’m handling processed foods less and less and find that a light whole wheat tortilla filled with raw veggies is one of the meals my system likes best.  Meat and heavy meals seem to both my system more (Rats…), so I’m enjoying this rather natural diet.  Besides, colitis aside, it’s way healthier for me anyway.

I’m taking iron again… the most-recent bloodwork I’ve taken finds me anemic (again).  After some other research, I’ve decided that I need to take a vitamin B supplement as well; vitamin B is something that is often deficient in those with crohn’s and colitis.  My gastro doctor has me on a fiber supplement as well; pray that all these changes will continue to heal this system of mine.  I believe I can make a full recovery… no matter what anyone says.

We’re getting internet at home on Wednesday. 🙂 I have to admit I’m looking forward to getting back into my food reviews, daily postings, etc.  Look for me tomorrow for a Talk about It Tuesday discussion on relationships. 🙂

1 thought on “History in My Home”

  1. Glad things are going well on the food front. Ben has been able to eat fresh fruit again and is loving it! Have you tried Align? It’s a great probiotic that Ben and I both take. Ben has added B complex to his morning meds / supplements as well. Are you taking folic acid? Ben’s doc gave him a prescription strength one. It’s supposed to help fight colon cancer which people with Crohn’s and Colitis are more prone to getting. So happy you are enjoying your “new” home as well….so fun to find such neat treasures! (wow, I wrote a lot!)

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