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Talk about It Tuesdays: 50 Practical Do’s and Don’t’s for Relationships (Pt 4)

There’s a lot of discussion in the Christian community about the power visuals have over young men.  We hear about how hard it is for young men to live purely in this sex-crazed country of the United States, and, to be honest, I praise the Lord I’m a woman. I sympathize for my brothers in Christ who are constantly facing sexual temptation everywhere they turn.

However, there is something young man don’t often understand. (In fact, I would say that young ladies often don’t know how to explain what we, as women, could call our parallel sexual temptation.) I remember talking with Adam about visual temptation before we were married.  I so wanted to protect him by not dressing immodestly. In the same way, he would ask me questions about how he dressed and found that I was, in no way, affected the same way.  It boggled him for a while until I was able to explain to him this key point:

Touch is to girls as sight is for guys.

Did you ever notice that? Did you ever know a girl that touched guys all the time? Did you ever see a girl blush because she had to hold hands with a guy she liked during a prayer, a game, etc?

God created both guys and girls to be very relational; but He gave us different means for both offering and accepting affection.  Isn’t it interesting how we girls long to appear beautiful and guys are the most tempted with the visual?  Isn’t it neat how God uses the touch of man to show affection to a girl who’s greatest desire is to be held, to be hugged and kissed?  We are perfect matching parts… in the right place and time.

So, in your pre-marriage relationship, keep this in mind:

Guys, guard your hearts by watching what you see.
Girls, guard your brothers by watching what you wear.
Girls, guard your hearts by being cautious about physical contact.
Guys, guard your sisters by being cautious about how much physical contact you have.

Any questions? thoughts?

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