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Product Reviews: TastyBite Ready-in-90-Seconds Sides

I’m not a fan of pre-made meals.  For the most part, they offer little nutritional value (or an imbalance of nutrients), and although tasty, they’re not something I want to be able to find in my kitchen.

Recently, I was shipped some “Ready in 90 Seconds” side dishes (or even mix-in’s) from TastyBite that I’m so excited tell you about.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Vegetarian,Vegan (depending on product)


Pros: I like the trav-ability of these sides.  Foods are hard to have ready-prepared for gluten-free (or just healthy) eaters nowadays, so I love that these products can be heated in the bag and eaten from it.

Cons: My biggest fear in life is small portions. This portion is kinda small for me.


Pros: I have been really impressed with the taste of these products. I love the natural fiber and use of beans, soy, rice barley, etc. to inhance the nutritional value of “traditional” sides.  What’s better is Adam tried the garlic brown rice and loved it! 🙂 That’s always a great thing.

Cons: No negatives here! 🙂


Pros: I was pretty happy with the texture of all these! 🙂

Cons: My biggest complaint is that they took longer than 90 seconds to heat throughout, and when they were done (heated throughout) they were a little dry.

What I Love

I love natural food. I love convenience. I love eating convenient yet healthy food. TastyBite makes that desire a reality!

What I’d Improve

People like my husband who’s not a real fan of “healthy” food need to have great moisture and texture to increase the desire to eat the foods good for them. The lack of moisture was my biggest disappointment here.


Overall Rating: B+


Buy these handy, healthy products here!!

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