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Product Reviews: Sisters Three Gluten-Free Bread Mix

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Casein-Free


Pros:  I thought the dough for this break resembled traditional, gluten-filled bread more than any other dough I’ve worked with up to this point! It was elastic, it was sticky but not like a cake dough, and it was rising as I worked with it!  Whoohoo!

Cons: The finished product was wonderful as well, although the product didn’t rise as much as the one featured on the SistersThree website. The product directions said the time for rising could range quite a bit, and that seemed strange to me. The dough didn’t rise much at all from the time I put it in the pans (and stuck in a warm-ish oven) ’til about 20 minutes later, when I turned on the oven to a nice, low heat. With the applied heat, the dough sprang up nicely, but I think that should have been included in the directions.


Pros: I loved this bread! It was hearty but not heavy. The bread reminded me of a nice sandwich bread I could use for anything from pb&j to French toast to a panini, etc.

Cons: No cons here!


Pros: I loved the texture of this bread!  I tasted it and was like “Adam! This is … like… real!!”  I loved the fact that this bread had a natural, glutenous (but not gluten-filled, of course) spring to it that reminded me of wheat bread.

Cons: The bread wasn’t as moist fresh from the oven as my homemade bread from my mother-in-law’s recipe. It was still wonderful but not as light and airy.

What I Love

My favorite part of this bread is how the dough is bouncy! I know that’s a very untechnical term, but the dough reminded me of pizza dough and how it should be with glutenous bread and dough!  I’ve yet to see any other company rival this!

What I’d Improve

Somehow I’d love to see a more standard procedure for the rising time/temperature.  I was disappointed with the time for rising to range over an hour according to the directions.


Overall Rating: A


Buy this wonderful bread mix here!!

1 thought on “Product Reviews: Sisters Three Gluten-Free Bread Mix”

  1. Ash, have you tried the King Arthur Flour GF bread mix? I made it for the first time over the weekend and was pretty impressed! It’s still moist today and doesn’t crumble when sliced (like most kinds do by the third or fourth day. :P)

    I’ll have to give Sisters Three a try! Thanks!

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