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Product Reviews: Conte’s Pasta Cheese Ravioli

I love ravioli. I was raised in a partially Italian home (as in my mom was Italian and my father wasn’t), and with that, came a love for some amazing Italian food including calzones, pizza, lasagna, eggplant parmesan, and of course, some good ravioli.

Overall, I’ve loved Conte’s Pasta, so I was excited to try their gluten-free ravioli.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free


Pros:  The frozen ravioli looked great, so I was excited to drop them in the water and wait for the magic! 🙂

Cons: The finished product was not so wonderful. 😦 I was extremely disappointed!  As I cooked the ravioli, they started falling apart!  Then, when I strained them, they were nothing but mush! 😦 That’s a big, big fail.


Pros: I tasted the pasta (although in broken pieces), and it was good … but not amazing.

Cons: The pasta was pretty mushy (and yes, I cooked it according to the directions), but tasted great. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re filled with enough cheese either.


Pros: There weren’t many pro’s to the texture here.

Cons: The dough for the raviolis fell apart as they cooked. The cooked product, although tasty, was an almost slimy mush.

What I Love

I liked the taste of the pasta Conte’s produces. 🙂 They know pasta!

What I’d Improve

I was really disappointed with this product and wouldn’t buy it except to hope to redeem the product; after all, all the other products I’ve tried from this company have been awesome!


Overall Rating: F


Check out this wonderful company here!!

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