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Dear Journal

It’s been way too long.

Ugh… I used to start my journal entries this way. 🙂 I used to write a few days then not write for months. Funny, I still have some of those journals tucked away.

Life changes so fast, you know. I don’t write a few weeks, and the next thing you know I’m a manager at the store where I was just hired in March, we’re all moved in and I’ve yet to post pictures, and we’re headed to New York City in the morning to possible be on a reality tv show. What?!

Yeah, I know. So much.

The biggest news is our plans for this weekend.  Adam, Aaron, and I are headed to New York City for interviews to possibly be casted in The Amazing Race or Expedition Impossible. 🙂  I can’t believe we’re actually headed there!  How do you even prepare for an interview like this?!

I asked this on Facebook and had to laugh at everyone’s replies.  There was one serious reply: prayer, but most people told me to be overly dramatic and fake. lol…I’m not sure I wanna try those options.

Although this interview should only take about 45 minutes, we’re headed down early in the morning and will most-likely spend the whole day there, as we’re bringing two friends and showing them around. I look forward to fun times and some good food. 🙂 I’ll bring my camera!

Now…what should I wear?

A sundress and heels were recommended…hmm.

PS. I will be doing some need product reviews soon. 🙂 Stay tuned!

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