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Product Reviews: Inspiration Mixes Pie Crust

Sometimes I bake. However, sometimes I wish I could use baking ingredients for savory dishes. I’m not a baker at hear; I’m a cook.

This wonderful product helped me do just that–use a classic sweet baking product to enjoy something savory.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Casein-Free, Dairy-Free


Pros:  I would have to say the positive aspect of this pie crust is that it’s rather versatile in appearance. The package comes with enough pie crust to make two pies, which was great to pre-make and freeze one for later!

Cons: The finished product was wonderful, as it looked great!  It wasn’t too flaky though. I would have liked that to be a little more flaky like a traditional pie crust.


Pros: This was a tasty and again, versatile pie crust!  I made a quiche (ask me later for the recipe…Adam ate half of it in one sitting!), and the taste was so great that the husband of mine that will leave pizza crust and pie crust off of normal pizzas and pies actually ate this crust!

Cons: No cons here!


Pros: I really love that this crust was soft enough to absorb some of the quiche taste but not so soft that it was soggy.  I can’t stand dry crust, and this was nothing must moist and wonderful!

Cons: I felt like this crust was a little dough-y when I was trying to put it together, so that this crust looked different than a traditional crust. Of course, with a quiche, that’s not really important.

What I Love

There was such a wonderful taste in this mix that really added to my quiche. However, it was versatile enough/sweet enough to be used for a sweet pie as well. Hmmm.. maybe I should go bake something! 🙂

What I’d Improve

I think the main way I could improve this would be to somehow improve the texture, so that the crust would appear more pie crust in texture and less like I was playing with Play-Dough.

Overall Rating: B


Check out this wonderful pie crust mix here!!

2 thoughts on “Product Reviews: Inspiration Mixes Pie Crust”

  1. Like you, I am a cook (gourmet) yet, I am not a baker. But, cooking or baking is really a “belonging or accepting” benchmark or some kind of a ad hominem factor especially around family. You feel so good knowing folks like your cooking! Wish you are my neighbor, I could sample some.

    1. Cooking is an art. Baking is a science. 🙂 I hate science (Just kidding!). It’s funny. I would less say it’s a benchmark of acceptance, but it is a way I can demonstrate care to those I do love. =)

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