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Product Reviews: Fosse Farms Marionberry Dressing

I love salad. Ask my co-workers. I eat a wrap filled with raw veggies every day I’m working. Most days that includes Saturdays, so that’d be my lunch of 6 days per week.

I do love my wraps, but I also love a great salad. However, then you have the question of dressings. I like dressings, but most of the time, they’re rich, unhealthy additions that ruin the healthy aspect of your nutritious meal.

However, I recently found a wonderful, natural dressing I’d love to share with you!

Allergy-Related Information: Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, Salt-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan


This is neither a pro or con for me. This very natural dressing looks like any other salad dressing, a combination of oils and seasoning. However, it does have a tendency to separate, so be sure to shake well before pouring!


Pros: The one thing I love about the taste of the marionberry dressing offered by Fosse Farms is the fact that it’s light, it’s full of flavor, and it’s healthy! I love that it’s similar to a vinaigrette, but it has a gentler, more subtle (less vinegar-rich) taste.

Cons: Because it’s more subtle, this dressing’s only “con” is that it’s not the rich ranch or bleu cheese dressing. Biggest con… but oh, well. 🙂

What I Love

Who has ever heard of a marionberry? Who has ever thought of putting it into a salad dressing (or marinade..hmmm….)?  I love that this dressing is so uncommon. I love that it’s healthy. I love that it’s tasty, though…  Healthy doesn’t mean tasteless! 🙂

What I’d Improve

I think the worst thing about this dressing is the fact that this dressing looks gross before shaking it. However, if that’s the worst thing about it, shake hard and enjoy. 🙂

Overall Rating: B


Check out this wonderful dressing and Fosse Farms’ other organic dressings here!!

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