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Compression Socks: Yep, I’m a trend-setter.

I’ve mentioned that I live in a historical heaven. I’ve mentioned that I’m busier than I ever thought I’d be at this stage of life. I’ve mentioned that I’m manager, and that I can feel the grey hairs sprouting daily. Ok, it’s not that bad. 🙂

I mention all that because I’m super-busy. I’m loving life for sure, but sometimes I just gasp for air amidst the rush and lie to myself that one day, when I’m not working 50 hours a day at Tim Horton’s, things will be slower. Right? After all, I’ll be a homemaker…. and probably a mom…. so, no. Things won’t slow down. As much as I lie to myself and say they will, we all know the truth. My little lie is only somewhat comforting as long as I don’t really think too much…

In the midst of my rushing around, I’ve been experiencing health problems. They’re not new symptoms, but recently, I’ve been doing research in my I-don’t-trust-doctors-and-will-figure-this-out-on-my-own way. After discussion with Adam, I went to the doctor this past Tuesday and the doctor confirmed what my research has been showing: I have hypothyroidism and/or diabetes.  This hasn’t been diagnosed for sure — I have blood tests this next Tuesday to confirm — but the doctor is 99% sure as my past medical history confirms both.

Amazingly (and I say that sarcastically), the former doctor’s office I never liked has been overlooking symptoms for years, symptoms that would have gotten these issues dealt with earlier in life.

So, now, I’m wearing compression socks to help with the water retention and varicose veins in my legs and preparing to make some lifelong changes if the results show what we are pretty sure they will.

Oh, well.  The good thing is that I’m getting this all checked out now. I won’t know the results ’til the end of next week, so I’ll keep you all updated.

In other news, I want to update you all on the Amazing Race/Expedition Impossible audition Adam, Aaron, and I were a part of. It was a nice trip to NYC with Brennan and Kim (some local good friends) to see the sites, and the audition itself was rather short.  We sat in a large room of about fifty adults and kids applying for positions as actors and models in all sorts of arenas.  We heard a talk about comp cards and advertising and the work that this company where we were auditioning would do to get us into modeling gigs. I learned that because of my build–ok, because I’m short–I really can’t do modeling. Darn.

Anyway, after all that, we went in for our personal interview. We were interviewed together, at which time we told them our desire to get on Amazing Race or Expedition Impossible. They work as a liaison between directors and producers and potential contestants, so now it’s a waiting game as they pass along our information to the show.

We’ll see!! 🙂 We would love the opportunity to compete together in either show, but we would kind of like Expedition Impossible more because we could all go and compete as a team of 3 instead of choosing between us for a team of 2 only.

Well, I’m sitting with my feet up, half-watching/half-listening to Master Chef and holding my sleeping Cassidy in the nook of my right arm. It’s getting late, and I’m off to slice my freshly baked bread.

G’night, folks. I’ll post more soon.

3 thoughts on “Compression Socks: Yep, I’m a trend-setter.”

  1. Sorry to hear about your (probable) diagnosis of hypothyroidism and/or diabetes. But at least now, hopefully, you will know what is going on and how to control it better… so I’m happy for you at the same time.

    I want to go back to your post about ulcerative colitis, because a neighbor of mine was diagnosed with that, and maybe your tips would help her. I had never heard of it till I read your post.

    It’s “funny” to me that you say “but sometimes I just gasp for air amidst the rush and lie to myself that one day […] things will be slower” because my life is SO much the opposite. I sometimes forget how busy life can be for other people because of how relatively slow and quiet it is for me, so that I almost wish for the time when I would be really busy. Then again, I like my life how it is right now, I just feel kinda lonely sometimes.

  2. thanks for posting. I am also sorry to hear about your diagnosis–on top of everything else. It’s not good news, but as Cadie said–it is good to have clarification to start learning how to treat it. Praying that the transition will be somewhat smooth…

    Keep it posted about Expedition Impossible or Amazing Race! I am behind a few Expedition episodes, but SO fun to watch! It’s right up my alley–would LOVE to do that kind of thing! Hoping you guys get on one of those! It’d be great!

    Ok–looking to possibly see you this or next month–as I’m potentialy planning to do a mini support raising trip up through NY! Maybe Sept 19-25 (or 2nd wk of Oct as a backup). Let me know if you guys are free!

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