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Product Reviews: Luna Protein Bars

If you haven’t been watching the local news, I’ll let you in on some recent updates in my area. We’ve had massive floods. In the rush, Adam took off to help with the water rescues, I worked 16 hours at work, and we spent a few nights at the fire station as the on-duty crew (us, Aaron, and some other firefighters).

I mention this because it always happens the fire department forgets Adam is gluten-free and amidst the pizza, donut, and pasta donations, Adam is left eating fresh apples from Apple Hills.  Not that those are bad…. but he needs something of sustenance, people!

Thankfully, a few days earlier I had pulled out a box of Luna Protein Bars. I took one to work to try, and unbeknownst to me, Adam took them for fuel when he went to the fire station.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free


Pros: I can’t say anything negative about how these candy bar-like protein bars appear!  They’re coated in chocolate… doesn’t get better than that!

Cons: I think the big thing that comes to mind is (as always) the size.  They’re only 170 calories or so, which is great for a person like me. However, it takes a few to actually offer any boost to a working man like Adam.


Pros: I really liked the one flavor that I had, but what keeps coming to me is Adam’s mention of them without my asking.  He ate the whole box (save the one with almonds in it…he doesn’t like nuts in his chocolate), and when a new package with some new flavors arrived (a plain chocolate bar and a mint chocolate chip bar), he was pretty happy!  He just the cookie dough (yes, gluten-free!) bar before he went off for his 13-mile run tonight, and he was a big fan. 🙂

Cons: No cons here!


Pros: I like the flavors, yes… but I have to say, I wasn’t too impressed with the texture.  They weren’t grainy, they weren’t bitter, they weren’t “gluten-free” or “too healthy tasting. In case you’re keeping score (I am), those are all positives! 🙂

Cons: The big con was that I thought they were a little hard. I would have like them a little softer to the teeth. Were they rocks? By no means!  They were just not soft and bendy. Preference and not necessity? I think so. 🙂

What I Love

I love the variety of flavors this company offers. Gluten-free cookie dough bar?? Really?? That’s awesome!  Their variety can be found on their website!  Check it out!

What I’d Improve

I can’t say too much here because Adam’s loving these. I would merely say making them softer might make them more child-friendly.

Overall Rating: A


Check out these healthy and tasty protein bars here!

2 thoughts on “Product Reviews: Luna Protein Bars”

  1. There is only one Luna bar that is completely gluten free, Chocolate Raspberry. All of the others have organic rolled oats. Oats contain a natural amount of gluten. This information is on the Clif bar website under Luna bar facts. Adam seems to not have a problem with this amount but other people might. You might try Quest Bars for Adam. They are completely gluten free and are a healthy meal replacement. Adam would not have to eat a whole box! Hope this helps. You have a great website!! Annette

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