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Product Reviews: Gifts of Nature Cranberry Orange Muffin Mix

Adam loves cookies and cakes and pies and muffins. However, despite my desire to serve more healthy meals, there are a few things that he still just does not like. Cranberries are one of them.

I was sent a mix for a cranberry orange muffin mix. Although I was tentative about Adam’s reaction to this flavor, we both were happily surprised.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free


Pros:  When you get a muffin mix, the package always says it makes way more muffins than it actually does. I’m used to that.  However, this mix claimed to make 12 muffins, and voíla! it made 12 muffins. They looked great!

Cons: No cons!  They look just as great as they taste!


Pros: I really  loved the combination of cranberry and orange. I was afraid the mix might be too citrus-y with the tang of both the fruits, but I was pretty pleased with the flavor. I loved warming these up and topping with some blood-orange mango jam!  MMhmm…..

Cons: Although the cranberry and orange mixed well together, and I could taste the freshness of the real chunks of cranberry and strong taste of orange zest. However, this orange zest was a little too strong for my taste and Adam’s.


Pros: I loved that these muffins didn’t fall apart after a day. They re-warmed well, they stayed soft, and they didn’t dry out any more than a “normal” muffin!

Cons: No cons here!

What I Love

I really feel like the texture and moisture of these muffins won my affection over all others.  They were warm and moist even after a few days! They were a perfect breakfast food–only 140 calories per muffin too!

What I’d Improve

I think the main way I would like Gift of Nature to improve these muffins would be to decrease the strength of the acid within this muffin. The citrus is a strong aspect of the muffin, but it was slightly over-powering.

Overall Rating: B+


Check out this tasty and easy mix here!!

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