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This Thing Called Jealousy. Pt 2

Some things are worth fighting for.

In the last post, we discussed the definition of jealousy. We talked about when jealousy is wrong and when it is appropriate and even Godly.  I thought about this this past week as I worked through some of my own issues with contentment at work and in life.  There are some things that are so so important to me, and I’m done making excuses for not putting my all into making them happen. It was the overflow of a heart feeling some jealousy.  Godly jealousy, jealousy for that which is rightfully mine, jealousy that mimics the desire God has for the hearts of His creation.

I am jealous for my husband’s heart. STOP.

Yes, I have his heart. Yes, we have a wonderful marriage.  Don’t get me wrong; I’ve not stopped loving this man of mine. I’ve not stopped being delighted with his presence, his friendship, his leadership, his love. His love for me has not changed either! (It has increased.) That is not the point.

The point is that I want my jealousy to be productive. I want my jealousy to spur me to action. On that same note, I want his jealousy to be advantageous.

There are a number of passages in Scripture that talk about God’s jealousy for His people. One of these is Deuteronomy 32:21, which talks about God moving the heart of His own people to jealousy for His attention, His Love, and His favor.  This desire was spurred on by His own love and His own jealousy. It was the desire to love His children and His desire to be loved by them and to be glorified by them that ignited His heart to call them to jealousy. He wanted to be the boast of His people for His glory and their gain.

If God was so adamant about the love of His children Israel, is He not even more so passionate about the love, attention, and boasting of His Bride?? On that note, as I discussed in the Five Ways to Love Your Husband series, marriage is meant to be a picture of God’s relationship with Christ and the Church.  We as the church body are the bride.

Taking this down to the level of my relationship as man and wife here on earth, as the earthly bride, my desire should be to glorify my husband, to be someone that he is jealous for, to be someone that he is proud to have by his side.  Am I that?

Do I conduct myself in a manner that my husband would want to raise his hand in a crowd and say “she’s mine”?  Am I glorifying the character of my husband with how I live my life, interact, treat friends and foes, and manage my time and energy? Am I worth his jealousy?

These thoughts challenge me to be a better wife to my husband.
How does this flush itself out in my life today?

  • Loving my husband means being productive in my jealousy.
  • Loving my husband means planning ahead in anticipation of his needs.
  • Loving my husband means making sure I’m always attractive to him. That might mean some extra work (even working out).
  • Loving my husband means caring about the little things I might be unconcerned with but that I know matter to him.
  • Loving my husband means allowing him to be confident in my spending habits.
  • Loving my husband means taking care of my health even though I would rather just ignore it and give up sometimes.
  • Loving my husband means taking note of his hard work and communicating that appreciation to him.
  • Loving my husband means not taking him for granted.
  • Loving my husband means first loving God so that I am the Godly woman he desires…. but more importantly, loving God because He, my spiritual Husband, is also passionately jealous for my heart.

What does living in light of His (and his) jealousy look like for you?

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