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Product Reviews: Inspiration Mixes Dad’s Pizza Crust

Adam and I have busy schedules. Sometimes pizza or wings are a great dinner-to-go. However, with a gluten-allergy, grabbing pizza from a local shop is not an option for us.

I normally make our pizza crust homemade, combining all the necessary flours, xantham gum, etc. However, sometimes a good mix helps cut the prep time and make the evening flow a little faster.  Inspiration Mixes offers a gluten-free pizza crust that did just that for me.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Casein-Free, Dairy-Free


Pros:  I was super-surprised that this pizza crust rose like a “real” pizza! It rolled out like a real pizza (elasticity and all), and it was cooked and topped in 20 minutes! What?! 🙂

Cons: The big con I had (which might very well be my fault) was that it stuck a lot to my pizza stone even though I covered the stone with rice flour. Hmm…

[I made the 2nd of the 2 included crusts tonight. I floured the stone well, and it was perfect. Yes, last time was my fault.]


Pros: I loved the taste of this pizza crust! Again, it tasted real!  That’s impressive from a box.

Cons: Adam was a little disappointed with the taste, because he felt he wanted to taste more of the crust while he ate his pizza. He felt it was slightly bland.


Pros: I love that while rolling out this pizza, I was literally left wide-eyed with its elasticity! That doesn’t happen with gluten-free pies!

Cons: No cons here… although it was quite springy before cooking, it didn’t puff up as much as traditional pizza. Oh, well.

What I Love

I love how the recipe included on the box for these crusts actually utilizes yeast as it should. Most crusts never get the yeast activated before adding them to the flour mix. This one does!  Don’t have time to wait 10 minutes for it to activate? Use the 2nd, easier instruction included inside the package!  Now, that is versatility!

What I’d Improve

I would have to say seasoning is the main thing that could be improved with this pizza. Sure, I could season it myself, but that would be my biggest suggestion for Inspiration Mixes.

Overall Rating: A


Check out this wonderful pizza crust mix here!!

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