You paid for that?

I love watching shows on couponing. I read a newspaper article on dumpster diving. I love do-it-yourself websites and ideas. I have to say, I’m slightly miserly.

Actually, in defense, saving money is not a bad thing. We all live in a financially tight world. We’re all looking for a way to save a buck.

Fashion is one of those areas. What I love on a rack and in a tv show and a catalog, I most-definitely can’t afford. Pssh..some things I wouldn’t even want to buy, but some things are so cute, so neat, or kinda worth trying out… but not for that much money.

I have this pair of jeans. I love them. They fit nicely.

However, I’ve gotten a little tear near the knee on the left leg. Since I’ve been checking out Pinterest lately, I’d bookmarked a craft/DIY/project I wanted to try, “saving” my jeans and revolutionizing them into a wearable pair of jeans once again. Of course, they were still wearable before but this way, I would at least appear stylish as I wore them.
Did I grab a pair of scissors? Nope.
Did I need a sewing machine? Not this time.
I grabbed my cheese grater and set to work “distressing” my jeans. About 10 minutes and a pile of lint later, I have a new pair of jeans.

What do you think? Β 

Any other creative ideas?

3 thoughts on “You paid for that?”

  1. ashley………are you feeling allrite??…..ill have to admit, i would have never ever not in a million bazillion years ever of thought useing a cheese grater on my pants! whats next?putting your shirts in the food processor???

    1. LOL… it’s ok, Lance. πŸ™‚ I’m ok.
      It was really cool/fun actually!
      To answer your second question, no, I don’t plan on putting my shirts in a food processor, but I might try turning one into a bag! πŸ™‚

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