Confessions on a Tuesday Night

Confession #1:
If I can’t fall asleep, putting the blankets over my head works every time.

Confession #2:
I like eating breakfast food at other meals and dinner at breakfast.

I love the concept of couponing, but it confuses me more than anything.

Confession #4:
Of all the types of fruit I’ve tried, papaya was my least favorite.

Confession #5:
I live how Indian people smell–curry!

Confession #6:
I’m dreading having red-headed children.

Confession #7:
I hate running with other people. I’m kind of a loner in that sport.

Confession #8:
I could probably live on popcorn.

Confession #9:
I can’t remember the last time I had my cellphone off for a whole night.

Confession #10:
I would love to race cars.

Confession #11:
I don’t mind the smell of skunk spray.

Confession #12:
I have a soft spot for stray animals. They need love!

Confession #13:
A woman’s back is one of the most beautiful parts of the body.

Confession #14:
It’s hard for me to eat a banana without also eating cheese.

Confession #15:
I could probably live as a vegetarian if need be, but I couldn’t live as a vegan.

Confession #16:
Sometimes, as I’m flipping through radio stations, I’ll start thinking about something else in-depth only to find out minutes later that I’ve been listening to classical. Yes, I love classical.

Confession #17:
If someone says a word, I don’t see that item in a picture in my head. I see the word spelled out.

Confession #18:
I love giving surprises to other people. However, I am awful at keeping those surprises!

Confession #19:
If I had a million dollars, I’d get laser surgery so I’d never have to shave/pluck again.

Confession #20:
I’ve lost my hair brush for a week straight and survived without looking like a rastafarian. Score. (Ps. I just found it today. hehe)

Confession #21:
Sometimes I think I’m a member of the fire company merely to have access to the exercise room.

Confession #22:
This was my basketball number only because someone else took #25.

Confession #23:
I detest the feeling of uber-soft hands (on adults). It raises the hair on the back of my neck. Callouses are cool.

Confession #24:
I feel defeated if I get to bed later than 10pm on a weekday. However, I feel lame if I go to bed before 10pm on a weekend. I do both regularly.

Confession #25:
I hate milk except fresh from a cow or of the chocolate variety.

Confession #26:
Crowding others in line is one of the rudest, most selfish things ever.

Confession #27:
I’m writing a list of must-do’s to accomplish before I’m 30.

Confession #28:
A friend of mine is helping me design my own tattoo.

Confession #29:
I wrote my first song when I was about 8. It was called “Stars in the Night”. Yes, I still remember the lyrics/tune.

Confession #30:
I hate talking on the phone…. even to people I miss a lot.

4 thoughts on “Confessions on a Tuesday Night”

  1. Hi Ashley! I like your blog and this post of confessions. Very cool! Honesty and transparency are so essential in becoming approachable people, which is a good way to be for Christ-followers. The only thing I have to say is to give redheads a chance. πŸ˜‰ But that’s because I’m a redhead! haha!

    1. lol…oh, Amber. I’m a redhead too…
      I actually swore I’d never marry a redhead and got a blonde with strong red highlights. πŸ™‚
      Now, I’m thinking I just need to get used to the idea that I’m gonna have redheads. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for checking out the blog!

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