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Product Reviews: Health Valley Organic Toaster Tarts

If you’ve never seen Brian Regan’s comedy, you might not appreciate that when I ate this product, I thought of his routine on serving sizes and Fig Newtons.

Okay, fine. Here it is.

On that note, check out the following product that allows you to enjoy just one of these without the necessity to have more than the product’s serving size and still enjoy the great taste!

Allergy-Related Information: No Trans Fat, Artificial Flavors, etc. Organic


Pros: I love how these bars look like any other bar you might find in a package in a grocery store. Why? Sometimes convincing someone to eat healthy is hard to do when the product looks like it was chewed and swallowed before packaging. This is a great looking product.

Cons: These are advertised as “toaster tarts” but I have to say, I think they’re too small to fit in my toaster. I used one at work (in the nearby Subway) and …well, more to come on taste later.


Pros: Okay, phew…we’re in the taste section, so I can finish my story. I have eaten these multiple times without toasting, and they remind me of Fig Newtons. A-mazing! However, they’re just as good toasted! I toasted them in the nearby Subway at work, and the extra crunch and warmth kind of accentuated the sweetness. Great toasted or not!

Cons: No cons here!


Pros: I love love love the texture of these bars! They don’t have the texture of a granola bar or a traditional crunchy breakfast bar. These tarts are thicker than a Pop Tart but in all the right places! 🙂

Cons: The moisture of these is great! They’re not soggy at all; however, sometimes they’re a little too moist for toasting (in my opinion), because (not only are they too small for my toaster) but I’m pretty sure the tart would break apart in my toaster.

What I Love

There’s something about eating “junk” food that’s actually good for you that excites me! Also, not only is this good for you, but it’s only 150 calories!  That excites me!  Healthy and low-calorie enough to even qualify as a snack or dessert if you eat all your other meals and still want one. 🙂

What I’d Improve

I would have to say the biggest complaint I have is the size. I know, I know. I’m always wanting more food. However, if you advertise these as “toaster tarts”, I feel like they should nicely fit into the toaster with easy retrieval without risk of falling apart. Just a thought.

… and P.S., unlike PopTarts, there’s only one in a package—slightly disappointing.

Overall Rating: A


Check out these awesome “Fig Newton”-style toaster tarts here!!

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