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Mental Notes: inside the mind of this runner

1 hr before run: [tired and considering skipping]

2 minutes before run: [excited and ready to go.]

10 seconds after warm-up is over: Ok, just start already.

1 mile: 7.5 minutes: Not so bad. I can do this. I’m doing great! 

2 miles: 15 minutes: ugh.. I’ve probably only gone a mile. It’s hardly been any time.

2.67 miles: 20 minutes: Halfway? oh, wait… that was when I was running only 5 miles. Still, not so bad.

3.73 miles: 28 minutes: I wish I could say I was farther along, but I know I’d just be getting my hopes up for nothing. I have a while to go yet.

4.26 miles: 32 minutes in: This sucks! I’ve got 2 whole miles left to go….. 2/3 of the way there.

4.67 miles: 35 minutes in: Just about 10 more minutes.

5.33 miles: 40 minutes in: You can do anything for a mile. I can do this.

5.6 miles: 42 minutes in: Maybe I’ll only run 6 today.

5.87 miles: 44 minutes in: 4 minutes left. I can do this.

6 miles: 45 minutes in: Okay, a little over 2 minutes left. I can start counting seconds…. or should I sing Jesus Loves Me?

48 minutes in, 6.25 miles later, I’m done.


…. and this what I go through every time I run.

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