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Co-Workers and Crystal Balls

I am not a huge advocate of change for the sake of change. However, I do believe that some change is needed at specific times in life in order to continue to move in the direction you ought.  My new job at Levene, Gouldin, and Thompson is a perfect example of that.
As much as life was stressful at Tim Horton’s, I am thankful that I have walked away with a variety of friendships, a mission field I can return to (I visited twice this week, and it was wonderful), and a confidence that God worked in and through me to affect change in lives while I was there.  On that same note, I am beginning to understand that God’s mysterious but all-knowing ways have quite the same intention for my new place of employment.
I’m loving my job so far. I’m a secretary to a wonderful lady attorney named Pat (did I just call a lawyer wonderful?). I have a cozy little cubicle with my own computer, phone, drawers, filing system, etc. I can make it home.  To my right is Merina, and to my left, I have two ladies Carol and Annette.  These ladies have already opened my eyes to see that God is doing something here much bigger than moving me from a stressful, 24-hr position at Tim Horton’s. I have been placed in this job with a purpose of evangelism.
My first day here I introduced myself to Annette. I had heard she was a kinesiologist, and I was curious if she knew my doctor Andrew Finucan. As I began to talk to her, and later, as I overheard her conversation on the telephone, I realized that Annette isn’t necessarily just a kinesiologist like Doc, but she uses crystal balls, horoscopes, “sensing”, and other methods to determine things about people, health, etc.  Scared yet?  I’m not.
The verse that keeps coming to mind when I think about interacting with someone who seems to be in-touch with satanic spirits is “Greater is He Who is in me than he who is in the world.” In that verse in 1 John (4:4), I find comfort that I have nothing to fear. I also am inspired and challenged that God would allow me the opportunity of affecting the life and heart of a person like that for Him. Is she in any more need of Christ than Carol and Merina? No. However, to see someone so lost and surrounded by such deceptions has been a wonderful challenge to me to shine for Christ.
So, I set up my cubicle a little more and more every day. I’ve posted some Israel pictures and speak with confidence about the Biblical locations and what happened there.  Notice I didn’t say “what we think happened there”.  No. These “stories” of the Bible we know to be true accounts, and I will confidently declare them as such. I’ve posted Psalm 34:1-3 on my wall and a homemade poster in Hebrew, transliterated Hebrew, and English that says “The Lord is our Righteousness” (from Jeremiah 23:6) to remind myself of who I am and Who He is.
I’m excited, I’m fitting in well, and I’m asking that you join me in prayer as I have entered this new mission field.

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