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Product Reviews: Inspiration Mixes Millet Oat Bread

I’m all out of white rice flour. I know, I know….unforgivable.  However, I still need bread in the house, so I turned to a mix for some possible success….

Here are my thoughts:

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Casein-Free, Dairy-Free


ProsI cooked this bread directly according to the recipe.  It rose well and is a rich brown.  The slices are a great size!

Cons: Unfortunately, the box instructions were very complicated.   This company often includes a “faster/easier” version, but I figured for the review I would still to the classic directions.  However, the list of ingredients is rather scattered, not listed in order of the recipe, and as a result, I almost missed an ingredient!  Although the box looks nice and chic, the practicality of listing the ingredients in order was totally lost.

Also, the bread rose nicely.  I cooked it exactly as the directions told me too.  However, the center of the loaf kind of sank, and that was disappointing.


ProsI was really afraid that this bread would taste grainy and like a large handful of oats. Lol.. Although I used to eat them like that as a child, I can’t say I would want that for a piece of bread.  Amazingly, I was happy to find this bread sort of rich in flavor.

Cons: I can’t say I have any cons! 🙂


Pros: I like the moisture that stayed in this bread!  It was soft and tasty, and although I stored it in the fridge and not the freezer, it was moist and pliable like any other gluten-free bread I’ve had. So, I forgot to put this bread in the freezer.  I did refrigerate it, but I was sure after a week in the fridge that this bread would be dry and gross.  It wasn’t!  I took a bite of a slice and I wanted to add butter and enjoy the whole thing!

Cons: None! 🙂

What I Love

I love that this oat millet bread tasted just like any good slice of bread and was easy to make!  It wasn’t a huge project to make a loaf of bread!

What I’d Improve

The center of the bread sinking was disappointing, but I would say re-organizing the recipe would be the most-profitable change to this.

Overall Rating: B+


Check out this tasty gluten-free bread mix here!!

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