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Product Reviews: Inspiration Mixes Alanah’s Cookie Mix

I’m not always a fan of cookie mixes.  After learning to make things from scratch, I’m a lot pickier about the quality of the mixes I use.  However, I decided to review the mix I had on my counter for a quick batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Casein-Free, Dairy-Free


Pros:  I like the appearance!  They cooked up well, browned to a perfect tint, and rose as they should.  

ConsThey definitely would have had to be small cookies though in order to get 3 dozen!  I got about 2 dozen, and they weren’t huge cookies (1 1/2-2″ diameter).


ProsI was impressed with the taste of these cookies.  Often plain cookie mixes have a slight after-taste to them (like Bob’s Red Mill), so I was wary of this.  In fact, I started planning baking other goodies as well, so sure that these would be edible but not enjoyable.  I was wrong!  They tasted great!  The cookie mix was sweet but not overpowering and was a great base for adding all sorts of goodies.  Of course, I used chocolate chips, but I’m sure these would have been just as great if they were combined with butterscotch, or nuts and fruit.

Cons: No cons here!


ProsI was afraid this mix would be grainy and nasty.  They weren’t!  I liked the batter, and I liked the cookie!  Adam inhaled them and didn’t notice they weren’t a mix or anything new/different than the chocolate chip cookies I make from scratch!  That says something!

Cons: None!….Great job!

What I Love

I love the versatility of this cookie mix!  I could mix anything into these cookies, and the mix itself would be a perfect base!

What I’d Improve

I would have liked the nutritional value on the side of the box to demonstrate what the whole cookie would be (without add-ins, of course).  I felt that was a little misleading.  The order of ingredients was also out of order on the back of the box, and that is confusing.

Overall Rating: B


Check out this wonderfully versatile cookie mix here!!

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