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Food-Filled Fridays: Wrapping It Up

This past Monday, I made the *mistake* of leaving a comment on Facebook that I thought pretty much any food could be enjoyed as a wrap.  Immediately I had responses saying that was not so.  I have to say that if a man can develop a sandwich, so he doesn’t have to stop playing cards, I can develop a wrap version of anything… just because.

Of course, we’ve all had the veggie wrap.  It’s a salad in a wrap.  Of course, this in itself could offer innumerable variety with a greek salad, a caesar salad, a salad with meat, a salad with fruit, a dessert salad, etc.

Here are some classic wraps:

burrito and taco (Spain and S. America)
gyro (Greece)
falafel (Middle East)
spring rolls (Vietnam)
egg rolls (China)
sushi (Japan)
moo shu (China)
aram (Armenia)
crêpes (France)
Tikka chicken in naan (India)

and some of our more American classic wraps such as the

Chicken caesar salad wrap
Egg salad wrap
meat and cheese

So, if all the countries in the world can agree that most great-tasting foods can be made into a wrap allowing them to be handheld, I agree and have set out to prove this to you my readers.  The next few Food-Filled Fridays will be dedicated to specific wraps I’ve tried, the how-tos, the nutritional value, and what I can honestly view as a success and a “I’d rather not try again”.

Some interesting articles on wraps:

Tonight’s first try: Spicy chicken and macaroni and cheese wrap

elbow noodles
homemade cheese sauce
homemade spicy chicken

Put the plain pasta in the wrap and top with chicken, cheese sauce, and Frank’s Red Hot.  Enjoy!

It was good, although I ended up feeling super-full.  I think I needed a different? better? more? sauce.

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