Long Overdue: virtual tour of our home

Yesterday I had some friends over to hang out, watch a movie, and chat.  It was then that we realized that one of my closest friends had never been to my house before and another had only been there once.  What?!

So, for those of you who have never been able to visit my humble abode, here’s a visual tour:

We use our back door, which leads through an enclosed porch (“the green room”) into our laundryroom

From here, we have the kitchen,

with a walk-in (although unorganized) pantry

A half-bath

Adam’s office

As you proceed down the hallway, we have the living room

and diningroom

Once you go upstairs, we have a large bath

two guest rooms

Adam’s “lair”

…and our bedroom, which was occupied with a napping husband when I took these.

Welcome to our humble home!

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