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Product Reviews: Kaia Foods All-Natural Fruit Leather

I have to admit. I’ve become quite the snacker.  I think it’s every few hours at work that I look for something to eat.  That being said, I love healthy, nutrient-rich options like these Kaia Foods fruit leather!

Allergy-Related Information: Organic, All-Natural, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Peanut- and Nut-Free, Egg-Free


Pros:  I like that these are compact and ready to put into my purse or even pocket.  A great size for travel, hiking, and even running!

Cons: On that same note, the leather itself looks not as appealing as some I’ve seen.  It’s thin though, and that’s cool.


Pros: I have had two of the numerous flavors offered by Kaia Foods fruit leather.  It is absolutely amazing that these have as little sugar as they do!  They each had 4.5 g of all-natural sugar.

Cons: The natural sugar of each fruit left me wanting something a little creamy and off-setting (like whipped cream), which is not quite like me.  That’s just a personal thing, though as I don’t like things sweet.


Pros: I love the texture of fruit leather. 🙂 Nothing negative here!

Cons: No cons here!

What I Love

I love this product: high in nutrient, low in artificial anything, low in calories and sugar, and high in a variety of ways they can be packed and used and enjoyed.

What I’d Improve

I have to say that perhaps adding some wax paper in between the layers of the folded fruit leather might made the whole process more like a fruit leather and less like a fruit bar.

Overall Rating: B


Check out this tasty allergy-free fruit leather (and their other great products!) here!!

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