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Product Reviews: No-Nuttin Granola Bars

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve become quite the snacker.  I have a whole drawer at work dedicated to keeping me from being hungry. 🙂 I enjoy apples and cheddar rice cakes and nuts and such, but sometimes, it’s a treat to have something a little different.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Peanut-Free, Tree Nut-Free, Egg-Free


Pros: I can’t say that I have amazing feelings about how these No Nuttin granola bars look.  In fact, for the most-part, I’m pretty indifferent.  I do like that finding out what allergens have been avoided in production is a priority for this company.  The list is hard to overlook!

Cons: I can’t say these granola bars are very attractive in packaging.  As a bar themselves, they look great, but if you have to offer this to your allergy-free child eater, while everyone else gets a “regular” granola bar, I’d say the child might be bummed at the appearance of the packaging.  It just doesn’t look at cool.


Pros: Although the packaging might need some redesigning, I can say the taste does not. 🙂 I love these bars!  There are a few different flavors: apple cinnamon, chocolate chip, double chocolate chunk, and raisin!

Cons: I was going to complain that there could be more chocolate in the chocolate chip bar, but then again, I’ll stick with the 130-calorie bar as is and only 6g of sugar. 🙂


Pros: I love that these are all-natural bars!  I can eat them with confidence that there are no genetically-modified ingredients!  They’re natural, but they’re bendy and moist and store well like any of the more processed bars… so, why settle for processed when you can have the real stuff?

Cons: No cons here!

What I Love

The more I research the more I come to understand the damage chemicals are doing to our bodies.  I want to live healthily, I want to eat healthily, and I want to live as naturally as possible.  I love that these bars offer me the opportunity to combine healthy, natural living with the convenience needed for my lifestyle.

What I’d Improve

I’d have to say that my biggest concern would be packaging.  The packaging does not advertise the great taste within as well as they could.

Overall Rating: A-


Check out these awesome allergy-free granola bars (and their other great products!) here!!

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