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Product Reviews: Gluten-Free Oats Groats

When I first starting doing reviews, I was in contact with a company that sent me a product I was excited to try but clueless on where to start.  It took a while for me to venture to reviewing that product, but am I so glad I did!

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, All-Natural, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, Egg-Free 



I can’t say that I have some great words on how this product looks.  However, I do have to say that I think they look pretty cool.  When the product is dry, they appear like rolled up oats or perhaps even a wheat berry.  However, when cooked, they expand to look like a long-grain rice!

Cons: No cons here!


I was unsure as to how to use this product, but after some research and consulting with my cooking-savvy mother-in-law, I found that these groats can be cooked in numerous ways.  So, I split the product into small portions and prepared the product three different ways:

Soaking – I was told that if I soaked the hard grain, the grains would soften up and allow for better cooking.  I did this, but even after a full day in the water, the grain was hard. I wouldn’t recommend this method.

Grinding – As a gluten-free cook, I find it important to utilize grains to their fullest capacity.  Groats can be ground into a groat flour, which acts like an oat flour but is more full in vitamins because of its complete content.  I recently made some pumpkin bars with this flour and was happy to find the flour tasty, versatile, and a little heartier than traditional rice or wheat flour.

Boiling – I was curious to boil this grain and taste it cooked in this way.  I was very happy to find this as my favorite way to enjoy this grain.  The taste reminded me much of rice but with a more full taste like an oat.  Although it took a while to boil (slightly longer than rice), I found it well-worth it!


I am a fan of the moisture and texture qualities inherent with this grain.  This texture reminds me of a whole grain rice with slightly a little more chew.  There’s substance in each bite, texture, and a versatility that offers a base for a savory or a sweet dish.  Groats can be turned into a rice pudding or topped with some berries, brown sugar, maple syrup, etc.  On the other hand, they are also well-loved topped with some butter and salt, some hot sauce and spices (mm…my choice), or with cheese, scallions, and sour cream like a baked potato.

What I Love

I am proud to say that I love groats and will continue to enjoy them as a side with much more vitamin- and mineral-content than rice or potato.  Versatile for any meal or even dessert, I recommend this fully.

What I’d Improve

Not a fan of the taste/texture?… grind it up and use it as a nutrient-rich flour!

Really, there’s no risk involved here, so check it out here!

Overall Rating: A


Check out this wonderful, whole grain here!

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