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Product Reviews: Chocolate Inspirations Chocolate/Toffee

I have decided in the realm of allergy restrictions, the hardest restriction for me personally is dairy-free.  Creamy macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, and cream-based sauces—their absence makes my heart sad.

What has begun to make my heart glad, however, is the understanding of how many great products are available to those of us that need to avoid dairy products.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan


Pros:  I can’t really say this chocolate looked like it came from Gertrude Hawk, but it did not look fake like Gertrude Hawk either.  The chocolate looked real and fresh and evenly mixed.  The packaging they use for purchases is beautiful too!

Cons: I have to say I wasn’t impressed with the appearance of these chocolates.  They look homemade, hand-cut, and not overally “professional” but really, can you judge chocolate by appearance?


Pros: I was sent a variety of flavors of this wonderful chocolate (what a tough job reviewing these!) and found that there were definitely flavors that I liked the most.  The English toffee bar was absolutely wonderful but the cinnamon toast toffee was my favorite!

Cons: I have to say, because these bars are dairy-free, there’s not the same milky chocolate taste that many chocolate lovers enjoy.  However, dark chocolate is better for me, right, so I could justify eating more than normal. 😉

The biggest con in taste is in the Michael’s favorite chocolate combo bar, I was disappointed to find the gluten-free pretzels inside the bar tasted stale.


Pros: To me, creamy has always equaled some sort of milk/dairy combination.  However, this company is making me smile as I enjoy creamy chocolate without the dairy!

Cons: No cons here, although some of their bars that have topping end up a little crumbly because of all the extras.

What I Love

Natural and allergy-free does not mean that those limited by those are kept from the things they enjoy.  Real food can be made with alternate ingredients that offer great tasting treats to those who want them.  Thank you, Chocolate Inspirations, for reminding me that dairy-free does not mean joy-free.

What I’d Improve

The biggest aspects of these bars that I feel need improvement was the stale pretzel in the chocolate bar (gross).

Overall Rating: B+


Check out these wonderful, addicting chocolates and toffees here!!

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