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Worship for a Sunday Afternoon

It’s not often that I post music videos on my own blog.  However, this last week, I’ve found myself listening to the It is Well: A Worship Album by Kutless over and over again.  It takes about half the cd in length to get to work and the other half to get home.

It’s been encouraging to renew my mind through the truth of the songs and through God’s application of these to my own life.  In fact, yesterday, as I took a drive on my way to an event I had started to dread, I was encouraged by the truth of the following song and that Christ gave me the strength to keep driving and that He is all I need:

Another that I have found myself singing throughout the day, at work, during my runs, and while I’m working around the house has been this song, which has challenged my heart and its complete focus, trust, and dedication to the Lord:

Have a blessed, relaxing, Christ-honoring Sunday!

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