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Product Reviews: Caesar’s Pasta Gnocchi

One of the first companies I reviewed for was Caesar’s pasta. Caesar’s offers gluten-free Italian products ranging from gluten-free pre-made pasta dishes to frozen ravioli, etc.

Recently, I pulled out the potato gnocchi offered by this company and am happy to report back with a few thoughts.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-free, Vegan, Casein-free, Soy-free, Low-Sodium


Pros: Both kinds of gluten-free gnocchi are quite traditional in appearance. They cook up well and in such short time! They were small and not too thick.

Cons: The spinach gnocchi, which were my favored flavor between them, looked kind of odd and were unappealing to Adam. However, I think they would be quite appealing to a child.


Pros: I am very pleased with both the tastes of the gnocchi. The spinach were natural tasting. At first I wasn’t sure I liked them but they were definitely addicting. Topped with a little butter and garlic salt…. 🙂 Can’t beat it!

The regular potato gnocchi were also very good and very versatile. I also love how filling these are.

Cons: There was an interesting aftertaste with the spinach gnocchi that I wish weren’t there, but a 2-year old ate them without complaint, so it wasn’t too bad. 🙂


Pros: I am impressed with the way that these gnocchi cooked and did not turn into a clump of dough. Nor did they turn into mush.

Cons: At first, I was worried that the 2-year old I fed these to would have trouble eating them because they were quite chewy. They were a little gummy, but not bad.

What I Love

I love that Caesar’s Pasta offers gluten-free options of Italian favorites. They store well, heat quickly, and reheat just as well!

What I’d Improve

I do have to say, after being raised with an Italian mama, I’m not sure how or why a pasta company would sell such small packages of such great product. I think the size of the packages should be improved.

As a product, I would say the gumminess could be/should be reduced. This way they would be a little softer.

Overall Rating: B


Check out these tasty gnocchi as well as Caesar’s Pasta’s other great products here!!

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