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Product Reviews: StarFish Allergy-Free Breaded Fish and Shrimp

There’s something so yummy about breaded fish.  It works well in sandwiches, topped with horseradish, smothered in tartar sauce, or dipped into macaroni and cheese.  Forgive me as I take a gander down Memory Lane …

It’s been a long time since Adam has enjoyed breaded fish.  More importantly, it’s been a long time—too long–since he’s had breaded shrimp, which is one of his favorites.  He’s had both in the last few months and breaded shrimp just tonight!

Allergy-Related Information: All-Natural, Wild-Harvested, Peanut-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Egg-Free


Pros: Wow, wow, wow.  These fish and shrimp look amazing! They are fully covered in breading and when cooked, the breading doesn’t fall off, stick to the pan, etc.  They look golden brown and mouth-watering!

Cons: The biggest con is that there are really only enough pieces in a box to feed one person.  I could probably feed two small children but not two adults.


Pros: I was really surprised with how succulent all the different kinds of fish were!  Whether it was the tasty shrimp or the sole, haddock, or cod, all of the fish tasted wonderful!  The breading was very classic, and Adam felt it had a unique (but wonderful!) taste to it.  I’ve got to learn their recipe!

Cons: I thought they could have used a little more seasoning on the plain breaded shrimp, but Adam would not agree. 🙂


Pros: These fish were not gummy or over-moist with the breading, greasy, or dry.  They were moist yet thick and evenly cooked.  I enjoyed some fish for leftovers, and they held up wonderfully and remained moist after a second cooking.

Cons: The shrimp still had the tails, so I thought that was kind of disappointing and more work than needed.

What I Love

I was really really impressed with both the fish and the shrimp this company offers!  Whether you’re looking for a classic fish sandwich, a shrimp basket, appetizers, entrees, or a midnight snack, these fish hold up to any gluten-filled fish out there!

What I’d Improve

Just fill my boxes extra full! 🙂

Overall Rating: A+


Check out these allergy free breaded fish and shrimp here!!

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