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Product Reviews: The Really Good Food Company French Bread Mix

I like making homemade bread.  It’s a good thing, because with our allergies, I don’t have much of a choice.  However, with my busy schedule, I don’t often get a chance to make my mother-in-law’s wonderful rice bread the way I want to.  So, recently, I decided to give this French bread mix a try and was pleased with the results.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free


Pros:  This bread was pretty impressive in appearance as a whole.  Starch white, the bread rose well, cooked relatively quickly, and sliced well. 🙂

Cons: I can’t say there was a con here. It rose nicely, but it didn’t really brown on top much.


Pros: This bread tasted really nice! I was impressed with its moist taste and how it maintained its freshness!  I sliced my bread thinly like I would for sandwiches, and they ended up really low in calories (44 cal/slice), so I would probably cut them slightly thicker next time (more like French bread is intended).

Cons: This bread, although very versatile for both sweet and savory uses, it was a little bland.


Pros: I’ve worked with this company’s cake mixes before and I’ve often been impressed with the mastery of moisture and texture.  This bread maintained its freshness and moisture unlike most/any gluten-free bread I’ve tried.  It held up well, and even at the end of the loaf, when I thought it was getting a little dry, a 30-second run through the microwave, rejuvenated it to almost fresh!

Cons: None!

What I Love

I love the light, airiness of this bread. 🙂 It wasn’t thick and heavy and hard, but light and versatile!

What I’d Improve

I think the color (soo white) was a little turn-off-ish and the taste was a little bland.  Other than that, it was great!

Overall Rating: A


Check out this versatile, easy-to-make French bread mix here!!

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