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Food-Filled Fridays: Wrapping it Up (The Art of A Tasty Wrap)


I got complimented today at lunch for always having “great looking wraps”.  Of course, that compliment is only based on appearances.  However, as we consider again what makes a good wrap, I think we can settle on a few characteristics that make *my wraps* look so appealing.


I use a lot of greens in my wraps.  Because I don’t want merely lettuce to act as a filler, I’ve added some spinach to my wraps often and more recently, I’ve found a new love in kale.  I actually have even added rappi to the mix after I grabbed a bag, mistaking it for spinach.  I like it, and although I’m not a huge let-me-run-out-and-get-more lover of rappi, I can appreciate it for the extra greens, vitamins, and texture it offers to my wraps.  Of course, there are other green options, but those are a great foundation.

The key to make a wrap look like a huge burrito and not like a skinny enchilada (excuse the Mexican food analogies) is to over-fill your wrap.  Never never use the “inch in the middle” standard of filling your wrap.  Overflow it with the greens!

Accenting Tastes

For accenting tastes and some more variety, I like to shave up some carrots.  Not only are they a wonderful addition in color but they add a boost of vitamin A and a bit of crunch.

Other additions to your wrap could be candied nuts, cranberries, grated cheese, olives, onions, green peppers, hardboiled egg, etc.

Pretty much anything you could find in a salad (or casserole) could find its way into your wrap.


The neat thing about wraps is that unlike a salad, there can be meat in every bite.  When you use deli meat lining the base of your tortilla wrap, there’s a nice fine layer that wraps around the veggies and cushions every bite.

Deli meat is not your own option!  I often use leftover diced chicken or steak, taco meat from last night’s dinner, and even just this week, canned salmon (of course, you could use tuna, but this was all I had).  The chunked/diced meat should be distributed as evenly as possible on top of the veggies.  Also, realize, you don’t need much meat, because the wrapping affect allows for repeated layers.


Depending on your type of wrap, you may want some sauce or dressing. I always add a little something to make my wrap moist.  Often, store-bought wraps offer mayonnaise or mustard as a dressing of sorts. I often use some healthy salad dressing.  The options are truly endless!


People have asked me how in the world I can roll my wrap. I over-fill the wrap and find that I can hardly see my tortilla beneath.  The key here is enjoying a little bit of salad with a fork before attempting to roll.  Of course, you could avoid over-filling, but isn’t part of the fun of eating salad that you can eat a bunch of it!

Fold the bottom of your wrap up about 1/4 of the way up, then fold the right side into, scooping down over the salad/meat/cheese and pulling it back towards the originating side.  Cover that side with the opposing, unfolded end.  Pick up carefully, holding the wrap tightly, and eat from the top (the open side) down. 🙂


My question for you today: What is your favorite wrap combination?


Enjoy!! Tune in next week for more Food-Filled Fridays!

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