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Product Reviews: Mediterranean Snacks Lentil Chips

There’s something about potato chips.  You reach your hand into the bag and fish around for the biggest chips covered in the most seasoning and pull out a handful and hope no one sees you you don’t spill a few as you rush your hand from the shelter of the bag to the drooling regions of your mouth.

Yes, that’s me I’m describing and now I’m in the mood for a snack.  However, potato chips are hardly the healthiest chip option I have.  Do you doubt me?  Keep reading.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Vegetarian, Non-GMO, Zero Trans Fat


Pros:  There’s something very raw about these “chips”.  Make with lentils, this tasty, low-calorie snack reminds me of something I would have enjoyed in the Middle East.  These chips are thick enough for dipping but not too thick that they lose the “chip” feel.

Cons: While I can’t call this a con, the very natural appearance and tiny bubbles of air left from production kind of lose the natural feel for me.


Pros:  I love the versatility of these chips.  I enjoyed eating them plain (I had the sea salt flavor) but I also could have really enjoyed them dipped in hummus or even crumbled and added as a topping for a casserole.

Cons: At first, I was really turned off by the bean-y taste of these chips.  After all, they are made strictly from lentils, garbanzo, and adzuki beans.  However, if you’re a lover of hummus, then the bean flavor is not bad at all.  These chips really do grow on you and the bean flavor is slightly addicting.


Pros: I loved the stiff texture of the chips, a feature which makes them great for dipping! Also, 22 chips to a serving is my style! 🙂

Cons: These chips were a little airy, so at first one might think they are not filling.  While I’m not a fan of the airy-ness, I would have to admit that they’re a lot heartier than imagined.

What I Love

I love the health factor with these chips.  They offer 70% low fat, 3g of fiber, and 4 g of protein, and only 8% sodium!  That is a major plus for me!  AND the flavor is not compromised!

What I’d Improve

I would say the texture of these chips is what is most-lacking.  I would like to see them more chip-like (thin, almost tortilla thickness) instead of thicker with some air bubbles.

Overall Rating: B


Check out this versatile, nutritious “chips” here!!

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