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Product Reviews: Kinnikinnick English Muffins

I love running if only for the fact that on Friday nights, I get to carb-load.  If you dn’t know what that is, basically, I eat way too many carbs in one day so that my body retains water for hydration and has a store of energy for the long, 12-13 mile run the next day.  Yes, I love carbs.

Tonight, I was eating my eggs and rice and decided I needed a little something else to add to the smorgaspord, so I ran to my freezer and pulled out an English muffin.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Nut-Free


Pros:  I love a good idea that I can pull from the freezer, pop in the microwave or toaster and call it good about 120 seconds later.  That doesn’t happen much with gluten-free products, so when I have a grab’n’go option, I’m super happy.  Packaged in a regular bread bag, these allergy-free English muffins are large, tall, and resemble the biscuit from a fast food restaurant’s breakfast sandwich menu.  Impressive!

Cons: I can’t say there was a con here, except that they’re not pre-sliced.


Pros: Even after a good bit of time in the freezer, these English muffins heated up quickly and became soft and bendable after only a minute in the microwave.  Topped with some honey or some cinnamon and sugar, and voila!

Cons: This English muffin has a little bit of a starchy taste to it.  It was slightly bland and needed some seasoning (salted butter, jam, etc.)  These are not for eating plain.


Pros: I love the soft mold-ability/bend-ability of “real” English muffins.  They’re just always moist and delectable.  Thankfully, when heated up, these muffins are too!

Cons: They’re a little chewy and thick compared to regular English muffins, so that was the biggest downfall.

What I Love

I love the grab’n’go aspect of Kinnikinnick’s products!  They appeal to the busy lifestyle we all enjoy/endure and offer us a great, gluten-free option!

What I’d Improve

I think the starchy flavor was my least-favorite aspect of these muffins.  They were a little chewy and needed some balance in the flour mixture.  Made from tapioca flour, they tasted very much like that and because of that, they lacked some flavor.

Overall Rating: B-


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