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Product Reviews: Coco Polo Natural Chocolate Bars

The more I learn the more I desire to feed my family with healthy foods.  I’m done with substitutes, done with processed sugars, and on to better, more natural options.  Because of this, I was excited to review a bar of naturally sweetened chocolate!

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, GMO-Free, All-Natural


Pros:  I carried this bar of chocolate around in my purse for a little bit, too excited to open it up at first.  It looks delicious– 3 full ounces of nothing but natural, 70% cocoa chocolate!  The packaging is professional and air-tight.

Cons: None here!  The chocolate looks as good as any other big-name chocolate bar I might buy


Pros: If you’re a fan of dark chocolate (after all, it’s better for you, right?), you’ll enjoy the rich, deep cocoa flavor offered by this bar!


I love dark chocolate, but I was a little disappointed with the bitterness of this chocolate bar.  The stevia used to sweeten this bar can often be bitter, so combined with the dark chocolate, this bar is almost medicine-like bitter.

I was also disappointed because the last flavor was bitterness, not rich chocolate.  In fact, the chocolate flavor was almost a tease and 30 seconds after eating a chocolate square I didn’t taste chocolate at all.


Pros: Great texture and moisture! This natural bar lived up to any classic bar in its qualities!  It was sturdy and thick and yet not full of air bubbles.  Well-made!

Cons: Like many dark chocolates, this bar lacked the creamy aspect of milk chocolate.  Of course, that’s a preference more than anything.

What I Love

I love natural ingredients.  I love what Coco Polo is doing here with their products and working to provide treats in their most natural forms!

What I’d Improve

The bitterness of the stevia/dark chocolate is overwhelming.  After numerous people tried the bar, the overall opinion was that the bar tasted almost like chocolate flavored wax, because of both the bitterness and the lack of overall chocolate flavor.

Overall Rating: C


Check out this natural and sugar-free chocolate here!!

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