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Product Reviews: Crunchies Snacks

If you’re at all a fan of dried fruit like I am, you’ll enjoy this company’s product!  Crunchies sent me some of their freeze-dried, 100% real fruit!  Check it out!

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Egg-Free, GMO-Free = pure dried fruit


Pros:  Creatively and often individually packaged, these fruits offer a healthy snack, topping, and or mix-in!  The individual pieces of fruit maintain their color, smell, and freshness!

Cons: Some of the pieces seemed to crumble a bit, but if I’m using these as a mix-in, that’s not really a problem.


Pros:  I have tried Crunchies as a plain snack.  They’re extremely addicting.  Tasting just like a crunchy version of our favorite fruits (apple, bananas, strawberries, mangos—14 flavors!), these fruits offer a low-calorie, flavor-bursting serving of fruit and vegetables!

Cons: No cons here!  I am really impressed with the taste!  For example, even as someone who is not a fan of dried bananas, I loved the freeze-dried Crunchy bananas!


Pros: While I am not a mother quite yet, I am excitedly thinking of the foods I will and won’t serve to my young children.  Thankfully, I can say that Crunchies has made it to the “will serve” list.  The way these Crunchies soften in the mouth make me excited to introduce such a healthy, completely natural product as first-food to my young child!

Cons: I would say that for an adult, the texture of these dried fruits are somewhat foreign and abnormal.  The Crunchies melt in the mouth as they reconstitute with water.  However, because of this, they mix into baking, breakfast cereals, smoothies, etc. well!

What I Love

100% Natural, full of vitamins and minerals, tasty, and low-calorie – these say “Ashley” all over them!  I’m excited to enjoy them and serve them to my family in raw form and cooked into my homemade recipes!

What I’d Improve

I would say the texture aspect of them are definitely the deterrent to eating by the handful.  Adam and I both agreed that the texture threw us off a little.

Overall Rating: A-


Check out this natural dried fruit here!!

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