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Product Reviews: Daiya Dairy-Free Cheese Substitutes

Going dairy-free has been a hard transition.  Today I’m craving macaroni and cheese and all manner of creamy, milky pasta dishes.  However, I’m really trying not to cheat and to find replacements for those same dishes that I love.

Allergy-Related Information: Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, Peanut-Free, Tree Nut-Free (except coconut)


Pros:  I have to say, for not being cheese, these cheese alternatives sure look like cheese.   The shreds that I tried were perfect in appearance!  What I can definitely appreciate about this cheese replacement is how well is melts.

Cons: I can’t say there are any cons here, although the rice cheese does not smell like real cheese.


Pros:  I cannot say that I am in love with the taste of this cheese.  However, I have to say I have definitely tasted worse and can be confident that this is a much healthier option than something that is artificial in nature.

Cons: The cheddar version of this cheese has a strange aftertaste


Pros: I can really say that this cheese has a wonderful melting quality of regular cheese.  The texture whether solid or melted remains as real cheese would (Real, as in cheddar or mozzarella—not spreadable cheeses.)

Cons: I have no cons here!

What I Love

I love that cheese melts.  I love that this cheese is not made with soy.  I love that this cheese offers hope to those (like me) that can’t have real cheese that we have options for replacements.

What I’d Improve

 The aftertaste of the shredded cheddar is my biggest critique.  It doesn’t taste like sharp cheddar or even mild cheddar.  It’s taste starchy.

Overall Rating: B-


Check out this soy-free cheese alternative here!!

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