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Product Reviews: Just Fruit Bars

One of Adam’s guilty pleasures is a fruit roll-up.  However, the healthier we are eating, the longer it takes for him to make it through his box of “good” candy.  The key, I’m finding, is offering him alternatives that he can still enjoy throughout the day.

Allergy-Related Information: 100% pure fruit, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, No preservatives, No artificial colors, No added sugar, No additives


Pros:  I feel like looking at a JustFruit bar is liking looking at a children’s picture book.  The colors are beautiful, the fruit overflowing all over the package, and the font classic.  They’re cute, appealing to adults and children alike.

Cons: Because they’re real fruit, there’s no artificial look about them.  The bar themselves look like puréed fruit.


Pros:  It tastes like real fruit! 🙂 As simple as that sounds, it’s a joyful thing to bite into an apple fruit bar and taste the fresh sweetness of an apple ring in tasty bar form.  I really like it!

Cons: I would say that the combination bars are better than the plain apple and plain pear. The accenting tastes are great.

I would like to see Just Fruit work on some more “dessert bars” that perhaps offered the natural fruit in combination with a chocolate layer.  I think that would be divine.


Pros: I like that the bars are very moist.  They are a great snack with a melt-in-your-mouth texture to them.  They’re chewy but not gummy and bendy but not hard to bite into.

Cons: They’re a little sticky, but no real complaints here.

What I Love

I love that these bars taste like the real piece of fruit in a less-than-messy setting that travels well, stores well (up to 2 years shelf-life) and offers great nutrition (as much as 2 pieces of fruit per bar!).

What I’d Improve

I would love to see a variety of more flavors and fruit combinations.  The possibilities are endless!

Overall Rating: A


Check out this natural fruit bars here!!

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